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May 9, 2011

Fan Scooter

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There are some builds that just look like they are too fun. This Fan Scooter is definitely one of those. A ducted fan is bolted to two razor scooters some battery packs provides the jam to get the fan spinning and producing some serious power.

Via: Adafruit

“Assembled in just under 5 hours, Fanscooter is an attempt to put the latest iteration of the HFF onto something more interesting than a shopping cart. But, what can possibly be more interesting than Fankart? Why not hybridize it with my fascination with rideable things and make… like, a scooter or something? My dumbest ideas always turn out to be the most hilarious anyway. So there you have it: an afternoon of cutting and welding steel combined with the remains of three different Razor scooters (them having been parted out for use in the Electric Vehicle Team scooter design class by students taking 2.007)”


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7 Responses to “Fan Scooter”

  1. Chris Says:

    nice thing. but try 1 blade instead of two – increase in performance due to reduced air friction.

  2. ElectroNick Says:

    @Chris : one blade? There won’t be any performance increase and you’ll spend your days trying to balance it (and still won’t balance it right, not at the RPMs involved). If it were possible, you’d see plane props with one blade but you don’t.

    A practical question for the creator though: how do you stop this vehicle 🙂 ?

  3. kimberly Says:

    maybe you need to try the dyson fan…

  4. Phil Says:

    Nice! But I would make a few changes. A lack of decent braking is a concern, because I would really want to know at what speed this thing starts to lose acceleration. The Razor brakes will clearly invite some gnarly wipe-outs as it would be hard to apply both at once, maybe there should be a step bar run across the back, to engage both brakes at the same time with only one foot? But I would change the design even more as the Razor brakes are not serious enough. Why not provide a seat on top of the fan duct, change the platform to a two-wheeler, lower the handle-bar, use a racing wheelchair front wheel for the steering and maybe a racing wheelchair rear with a go-kart disc brake. These wheels are very low rolling resistance. Standard 10-speed wheels would make the project larger and heavier with no appreciable gain in speed. Then change the duct to a tapered design, with a flare at the leading edge. Mount the fan motor on a vertical rib, to better match the airflow to the rear wheel. There would be less rolling resistance with only the two wheels, a larger diameter wheel will roll across the ground easier, keeping the fan low will help with stability, sitting down will improve the reduction of frontal area so you could go faster. You can match the airflow off of your legs into the duct housing, to gain some free ‘flare’. @Chris: do you mean, that there’s two separate fan blades? It could look that way in the still image.

  5. Lauren Says:

    It’s a poor man’s Segway!

  6. Ducted Fan Bike - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] fan vehicles haven’t exactly caught on yet but they look like tons of fun. Remember the Ducted Fan Scooter we featured earlier this year? Rich Olson from Nothing Labs has built this Ducted Fan Bike, it uses […]

  7. Tim Carr Says:

    This is…uh…it looks like it should be dangerous, but I can’t imagine how. Does anyone know what I mean?

    Phil’s suggestions sound good to me, but maybe a little more effort than a ‘fun’ design would warrant…then again, part of the fun is how ridiculous it is.

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