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May 4, 2011

Keyboard Layout Switch

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Check out this keyboard mod that Charlie Webb from NortHACKton came up with. You can never have too much automation, I love the big red button which allows a predetermined string of text to be sent to the computer when pressed. There are some additional pictures and schematics here.

“NortHACKton member, Charlie Webb, recently completed this project based around an arduino and a keyboard. Fed up with the way Windows forced him to switch between his different keyboard layouts (qwerty to Dvorak) he decided to take the process entirely out of windows hands.”



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4 Responses to “Keyboard Layout Switch”

  1. Hmm Says:

    “I love the big red button which allows a predetermined string of text to be sent to the computer when pressed”

    Uh… http://www.autohotkey.com/

  2. ElectroNick Says:

    If only autohotkey (or AutoKey for the Linux enthusiasts here) combination of hot keys had the feel of a big red button …

    But a big *green* button can actually be created rather easily from one of those AMD USB EcoButtons – remember the time when AMD was including those for free in retail packages of their early Phenom processors? I saved one and use it from time to time when I need to automate some typing. The EcoButton sends “Win+R” combination of keys (unfortunately cannot be changed) which you can then use autohotkey or AutoKey to catch and convert into, well, anything you want to type or, in case of AutoKey which I’m more familiar with, even move your mouse around and click on some buttons…

  3. charlie Says:

    :O !!
    that’s me! 😀
    i’m working on adding macro keys next 🙂

  4. charlie Says:

    see http://elektrickery.blogspot.com/
    for the further development on this.

    I know the big red button is easy to do in autohotkey, but the button was added to the keyboard previously and needed a purpose…

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