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April 28, 2011

Tiny Awaiba NanEye Camera

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Wow camera technology is getting small! When attaching the wires to the camera is one of the main challenges you know you are dealing with something that is very small. These cameras are build using VSLI production just like chips are made. Awaiba has been working on perfecting this camera for a long time, it is best suited for the medical field but I can think of lots of other great applications.

Via: Ubergizmo and ieee Spectrum

“The NanEye 2B sensor provides a true system on chip camera head with fully self timed readout sequencing, AD conversion to 10 bit and bit serial data transmission over LVDS. AWAIBA’s proprietary data interface technology permits cable length’s up to 2m with out any additional components at the distal end. Due to the low energy dissipation on the interface no complicated shielding is required to meet EMC norms. With it’s 250 x 250 pixels at 3um pitch the sensors provide clear and sharp images with outstanding MTF in a very compact size. A frame rate of 44Fps permit synchronization to any type of display. The NanEye sensor provides delay free, smooth video operation resulting in a safe operation and a clear diagnosis. The sensors are connected to minimal diameter cabling solutions. As an option, a small lens an be assembled to the chip, this option does not increase the total diameter of the sensor, making it the world most compact digital camera.”



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6 Responses to “Tiny Awaiba NanEye Camera”

  1. Paride Says:

    I want one! O_O

  2. Csaba Bleuer Says:

    Could have been a nice “Name the thing” contest. 🙂

  3. David R. Says:

    I’m bloody glad to see things like this take off into production. Tiny cameras have been build on the chip level, and then mounts/lenses stacked on top in the mount. But with small scale optics that are integrated into the chip itself, you can have a monolithic camera chip….lenses and all! Should drive cellphone cameras to be much smaller, and higher res. (then again, 8mp camera on a HTC phone? wow.) Now THIS is a pin hole camera 😉

  4. Derek K Says:

    Now we just need a small and functional optic lobe interface, and bionic replacement eyes are Go.

  5. grenadier Says:

    I want one

  6. Whatnot Says:

    It’s interesting that they are for medical use and disposable, so that means people working in hospitals might have them in bulk and they might be snatched like tong depressors.
    Just make sure that if one ‘fell off the truck’ it isn’t a used one, you don’t know where it’s been.

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