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April 22, 2011

Diy Solar Tracker using spare parts

at 4:30 am. Filed under Cool Gadgets, DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks

This solar tracking system uses an antenna motor which is normally used to spin an old school roof mounted antenna around. The structure is home made from some satellite dish parts and unistrut as the main frame of the solar panels. I was expecting to see several light sensors and some circuitry to see where the sun was and constantly follow it like we have seen before. But actually uses a remote control that can have time programmed events to send signals to the original remote control box for the antenna motor. It just slowly moves it all day to follow where the sun should be. Nice simple design, I automatically jumped to a solution which was overly complicated.

Watch the video below to see the other panels in his system and how everything is connected. He is using grid tie inverters to allow the power that he is generating to be sold back to the electrical company.