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April 21, 2011

How People Think – Motivation and Inspirational Leadership

at 5:45 am. Filed under Educational

These videos aren’t exactly directly tech related but many of us will have ideas which will require hiring employees to make them come to life. At that stage you will find the information useful.

Via: Procrastineering and The Amp Hour


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2 Responses to “How People Think – Motivation and Inspirational Leadership”

  1. jinglejoe Says:

    Thankyou so much for posting this. I have a hard time understanding the world and myself and subsequently a hard time getting by, with these ideas and rules I will be able to live and get on a little better and a little easier with society and my tech projects.

    P.S. That is how this is realted to tech aswell 😉

  2. apothus Says:

    This probably helps to explain why i feel more stressed and frustrated by my work once they gave me a raise. I feel i need to perform better, work harder etc for the extra money when really all i want is a purpose for the work other than making my boss richer by helping a chinese corporation get richer.

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