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April 20, 2011

555 Timer Contest

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The 555 Contest that we told you about back in January is now over. Chris and Jeri will be on the air later today announcing the winners live.

“Jeri and I have decided to announce the winners on-air, on Wednesday, April 20th. We will be uStreaming the entire show and will have a chat room running the entire time. This link will get you to the IRC chat and the embedded uStream window:


or if you just want the uStream video and don’t care about the chat:



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2 Responses to “555 Timer Contest”

  1. ElectroNick Says:

    This contest is a great idea, I think it should be running annually or on some other, regular basis. I think it’s safe to say that all electronics hobbyists have a few of those 555 ICs left, slowly coming to disuse due to MCUs taking over what 555 circuits used to do, and it would be nice to use the 555 for something fun.

    That said, I looked at the finalists and it appears that at least three of the finalists entered with a servo control project. There’s nothing wrong with 555 servo control, just seems it would be nicer to cover more of different types of projects and just leave one of its kind among the finalists.

    Anyways, great idea!

  2. apnoe Says:

    Some people work on projects that live for long long time – but ok Habby Contest

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