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April 7, 2011

ALS EEG Project

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The ALS EEG Project is being held in Ort Hermalin Collage in Natanya Israel by Alon Bukai and Ofir Benyamin under the guidance of Amnon Demri. Another video is here.

Thanks Amnon.

“Our system works by use of a helmet which reads EEG signals sent through the brain. These signals are then interpreted by the headset and sent to the laptop attached to the ALS Patients’ wheelchair. From here the laptop issues certain commands such as, “move blinds up” or “lower the volume on TV” through a PLCBus (home automation) unit or an Infrared unit connected to a PC. The laptop and the PC communicate wirelessly over the internet.

For the patient to control the system he first needs to train it to his brain waves. He must think of different things such as: fear, a happy memory or an important event in his life. These thought can then be interpreted into actions which then control the laptop.”


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  1. rektide Says:

    I’m going to use them for more primitive ECG measurements, but I wanted to note TI’s latest– a nice all-in-one SPI compatible ECG/EEG ADC:

    Could be useful for projects like this wanting an easier start with good equipment. 8 channels, 24 bits, integrated front end.

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