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April 3, 2011

Propeller Microcontroller based Floor Lamp

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Have a look at the Propeller Microcontroller based Floor Lamp that Jason Dorie has put together. His CNC machine was instrumental in the build since the board that you see was routed on the CNC machine with the trace isolation method, this is where a copper clad board has the material around the traces and pads routed away. It uses about 24 watts at full brightness and Jason says that it is brighter than a 100 watt incandescent light bulb.

“For physical construction, the shade is made of a 4′ x 2′ sheet of thin HDPE, the ends are garbage cans from Target, the central column is 1″ PVC from Home Depot, and the “caps” are custom routed 1/2″ UHMW plastic. The LED driver is written in PASM using BrillDea’s SPIN driver as a starting point. The driver is unique in that it’s the first I’ve seen in PASM, and it properly handshakes between the cog running the PWM clock and the cog doing data transmission. This avoids the single frame flicker that happens if you latch in new data during the PWM cycle. I haven’t timed it, but the GS cog should run roughly 1500fps & 80MHz (4096 ticks, 3 instructions each), and the data update cog about 10x faster (~10 instructions per bit, 192 bits).”


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