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March 28, 2011

Dual LED Desk Light Controller

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What do you use your touchpad for? Moving a mouse around on your computer screen? Well now there is a cool new use for your typical computer touchpad, Dave from Plastibots has made a Dual LED Desk Light Controller that uses it for lighting control.

“Relative mode is the norm.  It works like you would expect it to on a laptop.  No matter where you put your finger and move it, your mouse will move from its current point in the direction you move your finger.   Well, I’m not using a computer or moving a mouse around.  I needed the unit to work in absolute mode.  I need to know the exact X/Y coordinates of where my fingers were moving. Knowing this, I could create mapped areas to monitor in the Sketch and perform various actions when movement was detected in those areas. “


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  1. Electronics-Lab.com Blog » Blog Archive » Dual LED Desk Light Controller Says:

    […] writes: [via] I’ve been involved in microcontrollers for some time – but of the LEGO Mindstorms flavour (and […]

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