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March 19, 2011

DIY Keypad Lock

at 10:22 pm. Filed under Cool Gadgets, DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks


William from the Hackers Workbench designed a DIY Keypad Lock. What’s the big deal you ask, well just like the electronics of a time long ago there are no microcontrollers anywhere to be found. Sounds like a simple project until you think about how to get it done using only a handful of gates. Have a look at the project page for schematics and a clear circuit explanation.


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3 Responses to “DIY Keypad Lock”

  1. Chris Says:

    I really don’t get the backlash against microcontrollers – sure they may well be overkill for some projects, but a simple low pin count mc would be a sight cheaper and a much lower component count, using just logic gates for this is overkill!

  2. josh Says:

    @Chris: Unless a) you’re learning or trying to teach the basics or b) you’re not willing to dole out the money for a programmer and software for one or two projects when a handful of small parts that most of us have on hand will do.
    I don’t get the backlash against uCs, either. While they don’t belong everywhere, they are useful, as you said, for small part counts. Some of us don’t have the patience to sift through lines of code to debug a project, replacing that non-erasable uC several times. That’s where simple logic gates are very useful. The one you put in doesn’t work? Pull that one out and swap it for a different one or move one wire over. It’s all a matter of taste, talent, and patience.

  3. signal7 Says:

    Yeah. I was taught how to do this in college and any general search for information on ‘state machines’ will yield the basic principles employed for a non-ucontroller design.

    IMHO, the ucontroller should be an important part of this project. It would make it much easier to change the combination via software and it would also easily take care of the problems with lockout/reset. Furthermore, you would be able to enforce the combination order (well, a good state machine wouldn’t let you do that anyway, but then you wouldn’t be able to change the combination, iirc)

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