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March 16, 2011

LED Stair Lighting – Automatically turns on when the stairwell is entered

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The new on one at a time stair lighting controller option has become very popular option. A customer sent in the video below which shows the stair lighting system in action. The lower infrared beam is activated to show the lighting pattern going up the stairs, no one entered the stairwell so the camera could record the full effect. The second half of the video shows someone coming down the stairs breaking the upper infrared beam to automatically activate the lights. In this case the customer ordered custom 5mm blue LED lights instead of the normal ones which are 10mm white stair lights. In this install the customer did not have access to either side of the stairwell so they installed small 1 inch by 1.5 inch wood channels on top of the stringers for the light wiring and the LED lights. After the wood was stained to match the stairs it blended right in. The normal 10mm LED stair lights are generally drilled right through the stringer to the other side when there is a storage or mechanical room there.  In the long exposure picture above you can see what looks to be 4 lights per step but there is actually only 2, the other glowing spots is from the glossy varnish on the stairs reflecting the bright stair lights. Thanks to Bob for sending in the great video.


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