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March 8, 2011

Self Balancing Domo Robot

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Chein from Malaysia has built this great looking Self Balancing Domo Robot. I am not going to let my daughter see it because she recently wouldn’t leave me alone until I found her a Domo bag. Not sure what the Domo craze is all about but I am starting to see these things everywhere. The wobbling motion of the robot is cool looking. When I was watching the video I was thinking that the balancing design needed a bit less PID correction but it actually doesn’t compensate for a lean forward or back,  it actually uses lots of weight low down to allow it to stay in upright.

Via: Instructables

“The robot is essentially a simple pendulum, with the pivot at the wheel axle. The bottom part of the robot’s body is significantly heavier than the upper part of it. This serves as a counter weight, keeping the entire body upright, hence the balancing act. DC Geared Motors are used instead of the a normal DC Motors. They are better suited for this project due to the fact that it produces low RPM, and have enough torque to drive the robot. You will later find out that the robot could end up becoming quite heavy.”


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4 Responses to “Self Balancing Domo Robot”

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  2. Maffiou Says:

    Well, it looks good but it’s disappointing that it isn’t actively balanced (broomstick on a finger kind of thing)…

    I remember doing these at university (we also did the broomstick on a broomstick on a finger!), that was a great practical experiment (it did get badly wrong a few time before we got it right)…

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