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March 7, 2011

DIY Pulse Laser Gun

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Remember all the people warning you never to look directly at the sun because you will go blind. Well believe me when I say do not look into the barrel of this gun because it will make you blind. This DIY Pulse Laser Gun was built by Patrick Priebe who you might remember from the Iron Man Repulsor Light Laser Glove Project. This is what you get when you convert a ton of energy into light energy in a fraction of a second. Looks fun enough to build but I probably won’t since I would probably end up with a few holes in my hand or something.

*UPDATE* Patrick has been overwhelmed by inquiries about this gun, it takes about 70 hours to make one. He will be making another one for sale but since it isn’t a trivial task it will take a month or two.

“It holds a small pulse laser head, capable of generating aMW-pulse of coherent infra-red light. One shot can punch through a razorblade, plastic, 5mm styrofoam when focussed.  Effective range on 3m (dark surfaces)…you will see a stinging flame and a 5mm stain will remain on target. The goal was, to create handheld device…AS COMPACT as possible. Its 320mm long and weights about 2 pounds.

Materials used: Plexi for the center-plate, and brass / aluminum for the casing. Each and every part, handmade…took about 70 hours of work.”


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65 Responses to “DIY Pulse Laser Gun”

  1. DIY Pulse Laser Gun is scary | Gadgets Geekly Says:

    […] hobbyist named Patrick Priebe has come up with one gun you don’t want your kids to be playing around with. Called the DIY Pulse Laser Gun, […]

  2. Edison Turner Says:

    How much for one?

  3. allen Says:

    how much?

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  6. Chris Says:

    I’m sure you get this allot but how much would you want for one of these. I may consider buying it if its a reasonable price.

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  10. mikuru Says:

    How this works? what is white dot on pictures? Works only on electricity?

  11. DIY Pulse Laser gun » Tek Raider.com Says:

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  14. Alan Parekh Says:

    Patrick has been overwhelmed by requests, he will be building another but it will take about 70 hours so it should be available in a month or two. Please contact him via his Youtube page for additional information.

  15. Laser Cutting and its Advantages Says:

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  17. pulse pistol Says:

    Sounds more like a pulse pistol than a laser rifle

  18. mt11 Says:

    Schematics and part lists anywhere?

  19. Bob Says:

    Do I have to wear my Storm Trooper costume with this?

  20. SamwiseGanga Says:

    I must obtain a parts list. pleeeeeeease! so awsum!

  21. You’ll shoot your eye out…with a 1MW laser pulse pistol | House of Mods Says:

    […] hacker [Patrick Priebe] recently constructed a laser pulse gun that looks so good, it could have easily come off a Hollywood movie set. Its sleek white and black […]

  22. sh Says:

    Really needs a laser sight attached.

  23. Paul Says:

    I does not weight about 2 pounds. It weighs 850 grams (as is stated in the video).

    Please don’t try to “translate” perfectly good measurements, you’re off by over 10%.

  24. MacM3dik Says:

    WOW, the best mod ever!!! i like this fu..ck…. future style

  25. lennarn Says:

    Schematics and parts list please?!

  26. bruno sauceburger Says:

    Could I use this to pierce my daughter’s ears? She hates needles.

  27. SayUncle » DIY Laser Pulse Rifle Says:

    […] And why not? […]

  28. Bricolage : Un pistolet laser trop geek !! | Maroc Computer Says:

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  29. DIY pulse laser gun « Randommization Says:

    […] Hacked Gadgets, Dvice, […]

  30. Matt Says:

    @ Paul

    Next time you want to compensate for your insecurities check your math.

    1 gram = .0022lbs
    850grams= 1.87lbs

    2-1.87=.13 ; (.13/1.87)*100= 6.95%=/=10%

    2lbs is a good approximation for non-metric readers and is not off by “over 10%.”

  31. jb Says:

    I’d like to see a rifle-sized version, with greater range/power/capacity.

  32. Jon Says:

    Please link to building instructions and parts needed. This looks like something fun to build with the kids

  33. Ed Says:

    Looking to purchase one or purchase schematics, instructions and parts. Need help manufacturing?

  34. Clint Says:

    Hey, can I get the plans for this?

  35. Sarah Says:

    As others said, would love to see a parts list and schematics. Definitely would make a good learning/teaching project.

  36. Kaos Says:

    I NEED ONE !!!!!!!!!
    how much are they?
    and can you send it to South Africa?

  37. Eigen laserpistool? | My personal playground Says:

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  38. DIY Pulse Laser Gun That Works (Video) :: Technocliq Says:

    […] HackGadgets  apple fan boy. apple guru Lobos View all posts by Lobos Spread the […]

  39. Dylan Says:

    How much?

  40. ferdian Says:

    Hi dude, That was Amazing, I want make it by my self for protecting my family while going outside, please email me schematic n part list, or how to contact him..

    I’m very glad if U would be, Thx very much

  41. valter Says:

    ti riscrivo perchè non so se ti è arrivata
    sono interessato ad acquistane una fammi sapere
    come fare per pagare e riceverla
    risiedo in italia

  42. Krone Says:

    That’s pretty nifty! Although it sounds like a majority of the “potential buyers” are children. There isn’t a chance in the world that any of my kids would get thier hands on one of these until I could effectively teach them how it works and the potential risks when handling a gadget such as this.

  43. valter Says:

    io ho 46 anni non sono per niente un bambino
    in ogni caso resto interessato all’acquisto
    fammi sapere il costo e come pagarla


  44. Trevor Nestor Says:


    Now you can build your own!

  45. Chris Says:

    I am aware that you are overwhelmed in inquiries and such, however have you thought about turning this into a business?

  46. ElectroNick Says:

    @ferdian: Actually I think it may be more useful as a gun (i.e. a weapon) if the beam were deliberately de-focused so it won’t leave lasting eye damage. Then it will essentially become a visual version of a stun gun. With big enough aperture you won’t even have to aim for the eyes :) A bright flash of a 1W blue laser would leave an attacker blind for a few seconds at least. Not to mention a pretty painful sensation in the eyes. Know that from (accidentally) looking into various visible color lasers, albeit much less powerful.

  47. Un pistolet laser fait maison Says:

    […] Hacked Gadget via DVice […]

  48. Caleb Nehrbass Says:

    How much for one, how would I buy it?

  49. sabeh hazime Says:

    I am interested in buying one.How much does it cost?
    Thank You

  50. Shirna Says:

    wow so many inventions nowadays….guns are being improved…hope it will be for better in techs not for the better of war nor killing and crimes..

  51. curt Says:

    ex,co.will buy one now .

  52. Laser Targeting Wrist Mounted Crossbow - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

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  53. Matthew.H Says:

    Could you make an instructable of it?
    It irritates me when people say “how much for one?”.
    The fun is in building it yourself.

  54. .G00GL3. Says:

    can you send me plan of the gun ? and can you explain me too please ?

  55. rene Says:

    wo kann mann es kaufen

  56. Tony Says:

    Hi MasterTzer, would like to buy one from you, please send me your mail to also provide some specs of a 2nd product you might be able to help build. Can you send me your Ph. also? Many thanks! contact me pls at global1df@gmail.com Best!!

  57. Matt Says:

    I’ve been wondering, is there any way you can send me an instructable for the pulse laser, I have schimatics for my own version..the frame is similar and the main functionary mechinism, but the capacitors hold a larger amount of charges.
    I just wonder how you get this in such a tight package.

    let me know what you think.

  58. mike daugherty Says:

    want one ..send price and delivery time..

  59. MAKE | Working Handheld Homemade Pulse Laser Weapon Says:

    […] quote from maker Patrick Priebe is via Alan Parekh’s Hacked Gadgets: It holds a small pulse laser head, capable of generating aMW-pulse [sic] of coherent infra-red […]

  60. Homemade Pulse Laser Gun Says:

    […] (via HackedGadgets) […]

  61. jo li Says:

    how much?

  62. montra--trimek--pig--thailand Says:


  63. montra--trimek--pig--thailand Says:


  64. celtic_savage Says:

    He will not provide schematics or parts lists… use your imagination and do the research to build one.

  65. John-the-laser-man Says:

    2015….is this still available ? email pls jtlonglyphe@gmail.com

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