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February 24, 2011

Arduino based Drumming MIDI Glove

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Do you have one of those Michael Jackson gloves and looking for a new electronics project? Why not build this Arduino based Drumming MIDI Glove that you can use to get your beat on.

Thanks Bruno

Parts List:
1x Arduino board with at least 4 analog inputs.
4x Small LDR Light Resistor (it costs $ cents and are very precise)
4x 1K Resistor (or any other by changing thresholds and triggers on the CODE)
5x meters of thin and flexible solid core wire. (thin wire from old phone cord cords may do well)
1x Glove. I’ve chose cotton working gloves with rubber dots; ( $1/pair )
1x Protoboard and a bunch Jumper cables;
1x USB or Serial cable to connect Arduino -> PC.”


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