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February 21, 2011

Using Wax to give High Contrast on Engraved Plastics

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When you are laser etching some stuff there isn’t much contrast in the end result. There are rub on products that you simply buff off the excess. Only issue is you have a short working time before it is on everywhere for good. I am all about using products that you already own and didn’t know it could be used in a new and creative way. That is exactly what James Williamson has done with the crayon. Who would be looking for a black crayon right after they had laser etched some plastic? Well after you see the results you might be that person. You simply rub the crayon onto the plastic piece letting it fill in all the grooves that are etched, wipe off the excess with some alcohol and heat to melt and level the remaining wax. If you the clock gear looks familiar you are right, James looks to be building one of my gear clocks!