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February 16, 2011

Fart Meter Project Build

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Jérôme Demers from the Université de Sherbrooke built this fun Fart Meter, I can just imagine how much fun this would be in an office environment. 🙂 The meter uses an Arduino to monitor a Methane sensor, the dial then indicates how much gas it detected. Not sure I would want to be a judge in this competition… You probably remember Jerome from his Robot Build that he shared with us before. If you haven’t read his blog before it is worth a look, especially his escapades as intern toy designer in Hong Kong.

“The MQ-4 can detect natural gas concentrations anywhere from 200 to 10000 ppm (Parts Per Million).
It is very sensitive and has a quick response time. This sensor is analog and gives out voltage depending of the gas concentration. When there is no gas, the voltage read is around 1.3V.Otherwise, when you fart, it goes up to 5V! “


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10 Responses to “Fart Meter Project Build”

  1. Dave Says:


  2. novica Says:

    Would be great to connect electric signal from Fart-O-Meter with an desktop application via bluetooth, for example, which will pop-up score in graphic way… btooth is cheap, and also we can then bring that electric signal to an mobile app which can send via SMS status update to twitter or fbook :DDD ROFLMAO ROFLMAO

  3. Jerome Demers Says:

    Thanks Alan!!

  4. Johnny Fartpants Says:

    Methane is an odorless gas. Measuring the level of hydrogen sulfide to gauge the taint.

  5. christine Says:

    You’re a bunch of farters, and it seems in a shitty good mood!

  6. One of those ‘fun projects’ off the web. | Borg or No (S31) Says:

    […] A Fart Meter which apparently is part of a chair or something. Uses a natural gas detector (and what would be more natural a gas…) that puts out 1.3 volts at 0 concentration and puts out 5 volts at max. Sounds like a fun but smelly project. […]

  7. Steve McFartland Says:

    American inginuity at its best.

  8. Stan Says:

    Now you should add a mic to listen for the fart to properly calculate the fart score. I.E. Silent but deadly, Loud Long and Odoriferous, squeaky, and the occasional “that was more than a fart” – fart 🙂

  9. SirFarty Says:

    I’m thinking more Canadian Inginuity?

  10. Steve McFartland Says:

    You may have it correct there, sir, but on the plus side, we’re all brothers in the world of gas.

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