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February 6, 2011

DIY Electronic Watering System

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I love plants but they tend to die when in my care because I forget to water them. I know that the plant needs a shot of water every now and then but I still forget, there has been some helpful electronic plant monitoring systems made, even systems that let your plants tweet to you. But this DIY Electronic Watering System from Deddies Lab is more up my alley since it just does the work for you.

“An Atmega8 is used running on its own internal 1 MHz clock. A pushbutton is available to set the day that is most convenient for watering. Besides the timer mode their is also the possibility to give the plant an extra shot of water with the single shot pushbutton. This button is also useful when adjusting the voltage regulator that determines how long the pumps needs to be turned on. The single shot mode can test the amount of water that is pumped up. With the Aux In feature a external trigger signal can start the pump. That is unless the Timer Mode is disabled with the jumper. There is also an additional Aux Out that turns high when the pump is activated. “