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January 26, 2011

Reverse GeoCaching Project

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Looks like these Reverse GeoCaching projects are getting more and more popular. We have seen this type of project before but this one is much more of a cool hack than the others. In this project a GPS receiver with a SkyTraq Venus chipset was used but apparently was not that easy to work with. Full schematics are provided if you are interested in making your own.

Thanks to our friend Muris for sending this one in.

“The hardware consists of:

– graphic display from Nokia 3310 (or 5110…) phone with backlight (or any other similar LCD based on PCD8544 driver)
– Li-Ion BL-5C battery from Nokia phone (or similar)
– MAX1811 Li-Ion charger IC
– PC USB GPS receiver from DealExtreme, that also has internal FLASH memory to record the trip and has USB-UART(TTL) converter on board that is hacked and used to interface the entire device to PC. Another bonus is the car-charger that comes with this GPS device which is useful while playing the game and driving around!
– ATmega328P (ATmega168 can be used with optimized code)
– “Mini Servo” from DealExtreme
– everything is powered by 3.7V battery, even the servo motor
– other misc. parts”


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