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January 19, 2011

WheeMe by Dreambots at CES 2011

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We spoke to Jacob from Dreambots at CES 2011. We recorded a video where he went over some of the technical details of the WheeMe, unfortunately there was an audio glitch in the recording. I am thinking that it must have been intervention by some 3 letter agency not wanting the technology to be released. Either that or an audio plug that wasn’t pushed in all the way…

The WheeMe is a cool tiny robot that is placed on a person, turned on and forgotten about until you are satisfied with your massage. The 4 WheeMe wheels are like tiny rubber fingers and with the driving motion of the robot it gives you a random massage all over. The cool thing about the WheeMe is that it doesn’t need to be watched while it’s working, it can sense where it needs to reverse so it doesn’t fall off with the fall detection circuitry inside. This way it will keep massaging as far as it can without tumbling onto the floor. There are some attachments that can be used to enhance the massage action if desired. At the cost of one massage at your massage therapist it’s a great value.


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5 Responses to “WheeMe by Dreambots at CES 2011”

  1. forsetifox Says:

    Saw this video a few weeks ago and I seriously doubt it gives a good massage.
    Cute female though. =3

  2. ITIL_Prince Says:

    I wish to buy robot from very pretty woman.

  3. Stash Says:

    Awesome device if it truly gives a good massage.

  4. Anne Says:

    Where can you buy one? No one sells them!

  5. DEAN Says:

    Be careful. Ibought this gadget 4 month ago and i have nothing received. Nobody responds by dreambots. I think it’s a swindle. F.DEAN France

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