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January 19, 2011

Ecotricity PS1800S Portable Solar Generator at CES 2011

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At CES 2011 we had a look at the best solution for power on the go. The Ecotricity PS1800S Portable Solar Generator will charge fast because of the large solar cell and it will provide tons of standby power because it has a 12 volt 60Ah sealed lead acid battery. The system is a simple to use because of the sealed controller to which you only need to connect to the solar panel. The controller includes a 1800 watt inverter, with this kind of power you will be blending margaritas on the beach in no time.

My suggestion is to buy it for the beach but store it in your garage so next time you have a power fail you can use the PS1800S instead of the candles in the kitchen drawer. Just imagine, you could plug in your living room lamp, TV and DVD player. Then invite your neighbors over to watch a movie until the power comes back on!


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3 Responses to “Ecotricity PS1800S Portable Solar Generator at CES 2011”

  1. Pat OBrien Says:

    Any word on pricing and availability?

  2. Electronics-Lab.com Blog » Blog Archive » Ecotricity PS1800S Portable Solar Generator Says:

    […] The Ecotricity PS1800S is a portable solar generator that charges itself using a large solar panel and produces standby power using a 12 volt 60Ah sealed lead acid battery. The controller also includes a 1800 watt inverter. [via] […]

  3. solarsavvy Says:

    except that the battery would run out 20 minutes in to your movie but yeah…

    …also I like how they use the cheapest possible material for the frame and just bought a bunch of xantrex 1800 watt inverters and call it an 1800 watt system.

    IMO crap system.

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