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January 18, 2011

GOSCAM Video Camera Flashlight

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Everyone has used a flashlight before but I bet there wasn’t a built in video recorder in yours. GOSCAM makes a number of items with built in video cameras but this flashlight video camera is the most practical I think.  I can see this being of use to many people from security guards to law enforcement. The system looks just like a normal flashlight, it isn’t until you look very close that you see a small camera behind the glass beside the LEDs. The unit is rugged and waterproof. I also like their battery design. It can be inserted either way since it’s polarity insensitive, both positive and negative are provided in the same position on the front and back of the battery. We have talked about the need to put batteries in the correct way before, one solution was to have a holder that adapted for reverse battery insertion but I like this method better where the battery is identical in both directions.


· Real-time video and audio recording
· Supports up to 32GB of internal memory
· Built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery
· 1 watt adjustable brightness, multi-function LEDs
· Up to 3.5 hours of continuous operation
· Manufactured and tested to IP65 waterproof standard
· Compact, sturdy, reliable construction
· USB2.0 port for easy direct-to-computer file transfer
· Video output format: AVI “