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January 16, 2011

CES 2011 Hilton Convention Center Walkthrough

at 10:40 am. Filed under CES

The Consumer Electronics Show is so large that it doesn’t all fit into the Las Vegas Convention Center so they have it spread into a few other convention centers. This is the Las Vegas Hilton Convention Center, at first I thought it was separated into many different countries but it looks like it is all different sections of China. There is everything you can imagine here. This was filmed on the last day of CES and just a few hours before it was closing. Some of the vendors were starting to take down some of their items but most of them were just relaxing at this point of the event. The crazy bright LED at the end of the video doesn’t look very dramatic on camera since the automatic exposure compensated for it right away but trust me, this is the brightest LED I have ever seen before!


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