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January 15, 2011

muRata Boy and Girl Demonstration and Technical Overview at CES 2011

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The first video is the basic muRata Boy and muRata Girl demonstration that was being done on the hour during the Consumer Electronics Show 2011. This is actually the first CES that muRata has attended, they would have been there every year if you looked inside the electronics that were brought there by other companies though since muRata manufactures components that are very common and can be found in most consumer electronics. To demonstrate some of the capabilities of their components muRata has developed two cool robotic platforms. muRara boy has been featured here before but muRata girl is a new one to the pages of Hacked Gadgets. muRata girl uses similar technologies as the boy except she is on a unicycle instead of a bicycle. The demonstration went off without a hitch, when there is something this complex being demoed I have often wondered how many takes it took to get it right.

The team at muRata were kind enough to give us a private technical demonstration after the main show. In the second video you will learn a bit more of the technical details behind the robots and see the computer that is interfacing to the robots. On the computer you can see the live video output from the head mounted camera in muRata Boy’s head. Have a close look and you will see me taking a picture of muRata Boy taking a picture of me, there must be some law of physics that was violated there. 🙂 I had a great time with the muRata team and can’t wait to see what they are showing off next year!


CES 2011 muRata Boy and muRata Girl Demonstration

muRata Boy Technical Overview