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January 14, 2011

muRata Capacitive Coupling Wireless Charging System

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muRata manufactures technology that goes into many of the electronic items we use every day. They have some new technology that is sure to be a hit in our busy lives. One thing that I hate is the 4 or 6 plug in transformers around the house that I need to keep all the battery operated electronic items charged. There are quite a few charging pads entering the market to solve this cable clutter issue but this Capacitive Coupling Wireless Charging System that muRata has developed is sure to become popular when it is compared to the typical inductive charging systems. The technology is quite small and muRata is willing to work to help manufactures implement their design ideas. One big advantage of the capacitive charging system compared to the typical inductive method is that there are no coils to align. I like the large charging pad design which could sit on a table by the entry way and all of the devices that we use in our daily could just be tossed onto the pad in any place it would fit.


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3 Responses to “muRata Capacitive Coupling Wireless Charging System”

  1. sp00nix Says:


  2. william Says:

    basically, that was pretty interesting

  3. MrX_TLO Says:

    When Sun went to patent their capacitive coupling work they found Tesla had already done it a century ago.

    They didn’t even mention the biggest advantages to capacitive coupling. It can be much more efficient than inductive coupling and doesn’t have the unwanted inductance into other materials.

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