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January 13, 2011

Charge your Tesla or your Cereal Box with Fulton Innovations Wireless Power Technology called eCoupled

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Do you have a Tesla and hate the hassle of plugging it in every day? Or do you have a product that could be shown off much better if you had an inexpensive way of delivering power to it while it is on the shelf in the grocery store? These are just a few scenarios where the eCoupled technology from Fulton Innovations could help. Just imagine driving your electric vehicle back home and start the charging cycle just by pulling into a parking spot equipped with a eCoupled charging device in the ground beneath the car. That is the convenience of the Fulton eCoupled technology.

Currently the Tesla is charging at 1600 Watts so you can expect it to be fully charged overnight just as it would be if you plugged it into the wall. The efficiency of charging electric vehicles is very good but there are plans to improve it even more in the near future.

Fulton Innovations is one of those companies who makes a ton of interesting technology and we could have spend all day with them discussing the different products they offer. Splashpower is something that we will have to discuss with them next time we meet with them. This is a way to harvest small amounts of energy from flowing water, I can just imagine the pump sinks that are popular at outdoor events using this technology to provide a small amount of light in the bowl of the sink.