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January 9, 2011

Power your Gadgets with a Hydrogen Fuel Cell

at 8:50 am. Filed under CES, Cool Gadgets, Insane Equipment


Plugging your iPod into the wall to charge is so last year. These days all the cool kids are using Hydrogen fuel cells to keep their beats pumping or their cell phones texting. Where do you get the hydrogen to power your gadgets you ask? Simple, it’s already around us, you may know it better as water! Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies has developed a desktop system for extracting the hydrogen from water to store it in the cell for later use when you need it.

See that small fuel cell, there’s a ton of power stored in there, equivalent to 10 AA batteries. There is quite a bit of technology packed into each tiny cell. It has a metal alloy matrix inside which allows the hydrogen to be stored in a solid state.