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January 8, 2011

DIY Gas Hot Water Tank to Electric Conversion

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If you have a gas hot water tank you might be agonizing over the large heating bills for your hot water. Gas prices are going up and when using gas lots of your heat ends up the chimney. So you are convinced that going electric is a good idea. Only problem is that purchasing a new electric tank would negate your energy savings. That is where this DIY Gas Hot Water Tank to Electric Conversion hack comes in. With a bit of work and an old stove heated element you could easily convert your gas hot water tank to run on electricity. To get even more savings a simple timer is all that you need to only produce hot water when you need it.

Thanks for the tip Matt.

“My inefficient natural gas hot water tank to an ultra efficient electric tank on a timer, decreasing my energy consumption for water heating by about 80% and saving us about $175 per year. Shape the heating element to fit inside the tube through the water tank. I used a couple pipes as forms to bend the heating element into a “coil inside a coil” shape so that the two ends of the element were on the same end of the coil. “