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January 1, 2011

Plasma Speaker

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If you are wanting to build a speaker that will make your friend with the 10,000 home theater envious you need to build one of these Plasma Speakers. Teravolt has made a second version with lots of improvements and it sounds great! There is a full schematic provided so you can easily build it based exactly on this design. I prefer to read a normal schematic diagram but have a look at the pictorial version above, that is beautiful!

There is a gate drive transformer. This isolates the MOSFETs from the chip, and it is required for the circuit to work properly. A GDT is simple to make, all you do is take a bundle of 3 wires and wrap them around a ferrite toroid. I used 14 turns on a 2.5 centimeter toroid, but other designs may work better for you. Ferrite toroids can be bought for about a dollar online if you don’t have one laying around. The GDT must be phased correctly for this to work, otherwise your MOSFETs blow up. What is phasing you ask? Phasing is the direction of the coils in a transformer. For this to work, one of the coils on the MOSFET side must be ‘reversed’. On schematics phasing is marked by dots, and you can get a better picture of what’s supposed to be done by looking here. A properly phased transformer looks like this on a scope; one wave is inverted.



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8 Responses to “Plasma Speaker”

  1. Arash Toudeshki Says:

    If you use IR2010 as the MOSFET gate driver, then your circuit will be simpler. In this case, you do not need multi-winding transformer. The IR2010 can provide 20V and 3A at two floating independent output, which is very suitable for Half bridge MOSFET or IGBT.

  2. LeftyX Says:

    One of my fave songs & albums, but PLEASE re-record with a decent volume level, you’re way too quiet! Very cool project BTW…

  3. grenadier Says:

    @Arash Toudeshki

    I did not have a gate drive IC.

  4. grenadier Says:


    Plasma speakers aren’t too loud.

  5. Plasma Speaker Kit Project - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] have seen Plasma Speakers here before. They won’t replace your everyday speakers but they are sure cool. What’s […]

  6. lory931 Says:

    i can use it for my tesla coil?

  7. Mato Says:

    What IC did you use in scheme?

  8. Flame Speaker - Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] might have seen the Plasma Speaker before, this is the Flame Speaker by TX/RX Labs might not be as practical as your speakers in your […]

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