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December 30, 2010

Expressive Machines Musical Instruments needs a Kick

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We love the weird and crazy around here. If there is a healthy dose of tech that is even better. You might remember the Multi Mallet Automatic Drumming Instrument that we featured last year. They are adding robots and lots of smarts to the musical system they are making. The music sounds great and Expressive Machines Musical Instruments are going to open source the creations.

Check out the Kickstarter page for MARIE: a virtuosic band of robots made by and for musicians. They are so close to getting their goal so why not give them a small boost. Yes, I even had to pull my wallet out to help this one out!

Via: HG Forum

MARIE is a new type of music robot. It is conceived as what we’re terming a Modular Electro-Acoustic Robotic Instrument System (MEARIS). Godfried-Willem Raes at the Logos Foundation) laid the groundwork for such an idea with instruments such as , an automated Helicon which is both an (electro-)acoustic sound generator and an automatically tunable acoustic filter. With MARIE, EMMI takes this a step further, allowing multiple robotic instrument modules to combine and form larger, reconfigurable instrument systems.