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December 26, 2010

Guess what this isn’t Contest – 8

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This week we are doing another fun guess what this isn’t contest. The prize is a cool transformer knife to take camping and a hard drive enclosure. Simply reply in the comments what the device pictured above isn’t. Come up with something that is remotely plausible but not what it really is and sell us on it. Make your entry funny, crazy, weird… Just use your imagination. You can enter more than once if you come up with more than one thought. With a short vote the best comment will win the prize.

Have a look at my first comment for an example entry.

This contest will run for one week (December 26, 2010 – December 31, 2010) . Ending time is based on central standard time.


Added January 29, 2011

Not that is matter but the thing above was an Audi electrical block, holding relays and fuses.

Wow there were so many great entries, I still have wattery eyes from laughing so much! Thanks for all the great entries, I wish there could be more than one winner.

The winner is redleader36. (Comment 27 entries)

“This was a device created by Thomas Edison in the late 1870s. This was the very first incarnation of the Arduino, fully programmable by a combination of shorting out the appropriate pins and reciting Gregorian chants. Edison used this device to test the endurance and longevity of his filaments by programming this Arduino to flash at custom intervals. Because of this ground-breaking research and rigorous testing, we can turn our present-day house lights on and off repeatedly without worry.”


Below is a pictures of the prizes.




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121 Responses to “Guess what this isn’t Contest – 8”

  1. Stephen Shaffer Says:

    This was a device used to predict macroscopic outcomes of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, effectively solving the issue of Schrödinger’s cat once and for all. Unfortunately a third outcome was discovered: Exploding cat.

  2. Luis Says:

    This isn’t OLD !

  3. Luis Says:

    This isn’t working !

  4. Luwe Says:

    This isn’t Luis’ favorite “name what that thing isn’t” contest…

  5. London Says:

    A prototype for a clockwork pager invented by the Swiss. Unfortunately it is about the size of a briefcase, can only tap out the received messages in morse code, and only is able to recieve input from preciseley crafted pendulums, specific to the intended message.

  6. Alan Parekh Says:

    LOL @Luwe

  7. mykeyfinn Says:

    Oh thats easy, this isnt a city map in the box, set the dial to your city and the components inside shift to make a map of the city selected, includes such places as New York, Chicago, ad Los Angeles, but strangely no maps of North Dakota or Alaska as its too dam cold to map.

  8. Aleksejs Says:

    A mechanical implementation of woman thinking.

  9. Crafties Says:

    its actually a map for the film “THE CUBE”

  10. greg Says:

    its a popup book for robots

  11. HappilyRetarded Says:

    It’s an elephant

  12. Mark Says:

    Looks like the transmission in the new chevy volt =)

  13. neil Says:

    the enigma machine o_O

  14. Olek Says:

    Well, I would suppose it could be even DES encryption / decryption machine (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_Encryption_Standard). It offers almost all the required parts. Here we could see the elements responsible for permutations and S-boxes. Of course you might notice that using only conductors (that are obviously visible) we couldn’t make for example a XOR gate… you are completely right: the relays for that are located on the rear side of the module. As the complexity of the device suggests that this is only for one “round” of the algorithm, to get fully working encoder/decoder you need at last 16 such machines.

  15. Tachikoma Says:

    Now that the comp is over, what is really? It’s an interesting device.

  16. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Tachikoma,

    It is a cool looking thing isn’t it! You can see the original image here.

  17. Michael Griffin Says:

    Who won?

  18. damo Says:

    a purple Giraffe wearing a hat whilst his throbbing member

  19. Ed Nunez Says:

    I know I’m late but that wonderful piece of not-so-new techinlogy is an automotive relay and/or fuse box. Lots on small pieces of stamped matal with reminal for uses and/or relays. I won’t even try to guess what car its from but I have a suspicion it is either German or Japanese.

  20. Arjoon Says:

    is it switches that are used in factories

  21. Alan Parekh Says:

    Thanks for all the great entries!
    The winner has now been announced.

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