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December 13, 2010

Open Source Apple Shuffle like DIY MP3 Player

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This small DIY MP3 Player is much like the Apple Shuffle. Not a simple project since it consists of all tiny surface mount parts. The code for the 18F88 is available for download so you can build your own.

“This player features a shuffle mode, basic track navigation, volume control, FAT32 support, fragmented file support, an unlimited number of files on the root directory, and high quality playback. Files at 256Kbps can be played without a hitch. Variable bitrate files are supported with peaks up to 320Kbps.

WAV files are also supported, but they have to be less than CD quality unless you put a faster oscillator in the pic.”



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8 Responses to “Open Source Apple Shuffle like DIY MP3 Player”

  1. mislead Says:

    Title is very misleading: this isn’t an Open Source Apple Shuffle.
    Maybe it was meant to read “Open Source DIY MP3 Player like Apple Shuffle”

  2. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Mislead,

    There is a like in the title, just not where you have it.

  3. MP3 player barely larger than an SD card « Baudot-Code Blogging Says:

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  4. How to Make Your Own DIY Shuffle! Says:

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  5. Hans Kortlevers Says:

    Any how; nice gadget HG.

  6. Paul N Says:

    When you get schematics like this, I have learned most of what is being said, but I can not figure out one thing. How do you know what PCB to use? Are they custom or are there a series of standard boards out there that are commonly used? I have read and learned about electrons, electricity, different components, and theories, and want to get involved in creating. Thank you for any help you can give about PCBs

    -New B

  7. aaron Says:

    is there a way to hack it so that you can have a physical on/off switch and a volume knob?

  8. Erman Says:

    Hi, elxproject.com had changed. Has anybody got pcb schematics and pic code?

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