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December 4, 2010

SkyFly – Vertical Takeoff Aircraft

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I wonder when the sky will be as accessible as the roads. I would love to think that within my lifetime this would become reality but that might be a lofty thought. If anyone could build a SkyFly Vertical Takeoff Aircraft on a shoestring budget it would be Mark Rumsey who has worked on the International Space Station program and the F/A-18 Super Hornet. Even for him I think that his 3 to 4 month build time might be a bit rushed but I hope he gets funded so we can follow the progress!

“SkyFly consists of four engines driving two counter-rotating coaxial propellers. You stand on a platform above the propellers and control the aircraft with a throttle and a control lever to turn left or right. To fly in a certain direction, you simply lean in that direction. It’s like a Segway in the sky!

1. Four Engines: $9,500
2. Welded aluminum frame: $2,000
3. Custom transmission: $3,500
4. Propellers: $1,200
5. Mufflers: $900
6. Instrumentation: $700″