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December 4, 2010

SkyFly – Vertical Takeoff Aircraft

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I wonder when the sky will be as accessible as the roads. I would love to think that within my lifetime this would become reality but that might be a lofty thought. If anyone could build a SkyFly Vertical Takeoff Aircraft on a shoestring budget it would be Mark Rumsey who has worked on the International Space Station program and the F/A-18 Super Hornet. Even for him I think that his 3 to 4 month build time might be a bit rushed but I hope he gets funded so we can follow the progress!

“SkyFly consists of four engines driving two counter-rotating coaxial propellers. You stand on a platform above the propellers and control the aircraft with a throttle and a control lever to turn left or right. To fly in a certain direction, you simply lean in that direction. It’s like a Segway in the sky!

1. Four Engines: $9,500
2. Welded aluminum frame: $2,000
3. Custom transmission: $3,500
4. Propellers: $1,200
5. Mufflers: $900
6. Instrumentation: $700″


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19 Responses to “SkyFly – Vertical Takeoff Aircraft”

  1. NatureTM Says:

    Wait, the video made it sound like this uses less fuel than a car. Is that possible? And if everyone were to use one, wouldn’t it need a very advanced collision avoidance/ATC/Nav system? I’d hate to have these things falling out of the sky two at a time every time someone forgets to focus on their flying.

  2. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Nature,

    I didn’t want to be mister negative in the article but I was also thinking of a few things. If these are adopted there is sure to be some accidents which would need rescue. Even if the injury is minor (broken arm) or no injury at all, reaching the person in the middle of the mountains would cost tens of thousands.

    That being said I would gladly drive an old car if it meant I could afford a SkyFly in the driveway. 🙂

  3. NatureTM Says:

    Absolutely. If I can’t have a jetpack, I’ll gladly take this instead.

  4. Pouncer Says:

    The point about accidents is a huge valid point.

    It’s hard not to see the negative in this. Another aspect to consider, let’s call it shock and awe. How many accidents will this cause on the ground as land bound commuters look up to see what in the world is flying by?

    The FAA would be all over trying to regulate this, so just hopping in and flying off without getting it approved is not going to happen. You certainly don’t want people flying off in these and getting into a real air craft’s flight path. Or someone flying too high where they show as an unknown blip on flight/airport radar. Both are slightly possible scenarios if you’re crossing a mountain range. Don’t say he plans to fly close to ground, because if he did, there would be no point in the parachute as it wouldn’t even help if you’re too close to the ground. So obviously he intends to put a decent buffer of air space between himself and terra firma.

    It would be cheaper and more practical for him to take a hot air balloon to work.

  5. bill Says:

    Yawn, I’m guessing the ‘help’ he needs is in the shape of $,$$$,$$$

  6. George Johnson Says:

    I hate to say it, but I hope we NEVER have things like this. Just look at the idiots on the road today. Can you imagine all those fools flying around, above your head all day?? I’d be scared to go outside of my reinforced concrete bunker!! And just landing, it’s like a sand blaster when they get close to the ground.

    People just aren’t thinking this through. They’re very cool ideas, and I’d love to play with one. But replacing cars with anything like this?? No way!

  7. Tifa Says:

    Make plans of devie public, then you will get some people to join in. But in late 50 they bilt mini howercraft not flying mashine! As you can see in wideo device howers 1-2m above ground. I think it woud be beter if you make ultra light helicopter, or quadrocopter.

  8. Joe Says:

    This is pretty cool. While there are problems with this, crashing into each other is a much smaller problem than people seem to be thinking it is. The difference between driving cars and flying is vehicle density. With cars there are thousands per square mile b/c they are confined to a small area and on certain paths. If you could take any path, that density would drop by an enormous amount. However, I agree that they could likely not be used in large numbers in the city but thats a future problem.

    The big problem here is lack of evidence that this particular craft is all the things claimed.

  9. Inside the Parrot AR.Drone - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] that this is no ordinary toy. I am thinking that the guts of this system could be used to fly the SkyFly. Nice thing about the AR Drone is that it is made to be used, broken and repaired. This is one […]

  10. freefood Says:

    You would need to release the system dynamics of this craft to get support. Somebody needs to design the control system for it. Unfortunately, just showing the 3D model shows nothing of its practicality/feasibility.

    Honesty, from the blades and the enclosure it doesn’t look safe. Having an additional engine wont help if the blade fails. Also, in helicopters the part that fails in accidents the most is the rotor. You would have to be able to consistently manufacture the system within a certain failure rate, thus manufacturability is an issue.

    If you were to engineer this thing I would totally buy it. It’s too awesome.

  11. cj Says:

    One of my biggest nightmares is that flying cars actually happen. No offense to y’all, but I hardly trust you driving in 2d. In 3d? Come on.

    We won’t service them right, there’ll be crashes into^H^H^H^H people’s houses. The only possible benefit *might* be that we get some road space back. But we’ll probably only put houses on it. Just say no to air cars, very bad idea.

  12. cj Says:

    into^H^H^H^H -> onto

  13. will Says:

    move closer to your work???

  14. fdkjf Says:

    looks like a Scam?

  15. fdkjf Says:

    The shadow does not match the image?

  16. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi fdkjf,

    That is because it isn’t real yet.

  17. Shawn Says:

    I just wonder who is gonna be the first idiot to fly into a power line..

  18. James Says:

    I apologize is this idea has been written already . What about small 2 stroke engines with clutches that lock in at different rpms like different powerbands all driving 1 prop . The accident question is this … If air craft can have autopilot and have a set course then why cant the Skyfly ?? different routes at different altitudes . It is possible to have millions in the air and not even touch . Remember that cars dont drive in straight lines and angles

  19. James Says:

    I am all for you Mark . I’ll move to southern California and we can give people the freedom they deserve .

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