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November 28, 2010

DIY Rubber Stamp Making

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Address stamps are very common and cheap to get made but if you want to get something custom made get ready to open your wallet and bleed some money. Using the DIY Rubber Stamp Making steps that jovolomo has shared we can now make these complex stamps ourselves using either a CNC machine or an exacto knife and a steady hand. He carves the reverse pattern into a block of plaster and fills it with a construction sealant which when dried is the rubber stamp. A simple stamp backer and handle finished off the custom stamp. To keep with the spirit of DIY Jovolomo even makes his own carving tools out of broken drill bits.


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2 Responses to “DIY Rubber Stamp Making”

  1. Rubber Stamps Says:

    Lovely stamps

  2. techartisan Says:

    you can make rubber stamps pretty easily using photopolymer and a printer. CNC seems a bit overkill but I guess if youve already got one sitting around and dont mind wasting machine time….
    http://www.art-rubberstamps.com/ <no affiliation just the first link I hit that had a photo tutorial

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