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November 26, 2010

Watch TV on an CRT Scope

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Tired of watching your flat panel LCD and miss the days when you were trouble shooting your circuits with a CRT scope? You can have the best of both worlds with this circuit. CameramanLink designed the circuit below to make it happen. If you have a few hours to kill have a look at the ton of projects that CameramanLink has done!

“Homemade television video monitor built from scratch. It uses a 5″ 5UP1 CRT to display a video image in black and green. This is the fourth of five video display projects I’ve built. After building the 2AP1 T-Vision, I decided to build another similar circuit but with further improved features. This circuit uses 2 multivibrator oscillators with improved linearity to produce the sawtooth waves for the horizontal and vertical scanning. It uses many of the same improvements made to the previous 2AP1 T-Vision: 1) It uses a wide band video amplifier to increase frequency response, allowing for better horizontal resolution, 2) It uses vertical retrace blanking applied to the cathode of the CRT to remove the flyback lines, 3) It uses balanced deflection amplifiers for even focus across the screen.”



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4 Responses to “Watch TV on an CRT Scope”

  1. Farle Says:

    Electrical engineers: “What do you mean, ‘why?’, because we can, that’s why!”

  2. iHME Says:

    Why tubes? Why not LM1881?
    Then it could have been built EASILY by others.

  3. Ugly American Says:

    These types of builds were popular for home brew TVs right after WW2 with surplus equipment.

  4. me Says:

    I also built that circuit and it works fine so far. The only problem is, ever I connect the flyback blanking a part of the image will dissappear. Can any body help what is wrong?

    Many thanks


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