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November 19, 2010

AVR Microcontroller VGA Output

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If you ever wanted to connect your microcontroller project to a VGA monitor this AVR Microcontroller VGA Output project by LucidScience will contain lots of great information. The bare bones part of the project is very interesting to see how little is needed to interface with VGA. A free port and a few resistors and diodes is all that was needed. To generate better quality images read further into the article and you can see how some additional hardware can make the display all that much better.



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2 Responses to “AVR Microcontroller VGA Output”

  1. VGA interfacing AVR microcontrollers - Hack a Day Says:

    […] [via HackedGadgets] […]

  2. MGhayour Says:

    i really enjoyed of this project
    and try to do it but with some DAC :) and …
    and also ATMega16
    thank u for sharing your project
    good luck

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