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November 11, 2010

IR Jammer Version 2 – No Remote Controls are Safe

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We had some feedback about the IR Jammer and how the button snap was not the best way to attach the 9 volt battery to the IR Jammer. The IR Jammer version 2 now has a plastic 9 volt battery box that holds the battery and with the included double stick foam it is now a much better looking evil device.  It also has much better feel in the hand.

If you haven’t seen the jammer before, it is very simple. Press the button and have fun while people around you are wondering why their remote control doesn’t work anymore. 🙂 We are also happy to say that it is now also available in the Make online store called Maker Shed so be sure to add one to your cart next time you are getting some swag in the Maker Shed.

Alan’s Electronic Projects Location

Maker Shed IR Jammer Location

IR Jammer Assembly Manual (PDF)



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4 Responses to “IR Jammer Version 2 – No Remote Controls are Safe”

  1. Gdogg Says:

    This is almost exactly like the tv-be-gone. They should write a new version of the firmware that allows up to switch from tv-be-gone to ir jammer. Wouldn’t even need to change the wiring if you check for a double click or something similar on the single button.

  2. kyoorius Says:

    I wonder if this blocks the tv-be-gone. If so, it should be called the TV-be-gone-be-gone.

  3. Alan Parekh Says:

    LOL kyoorius, I love the name. I haven’t tried it as a tv-b-gone-b-gone but it should work just fine to do that! What a cool idea. 🙂

  4. kyoorius Says:

    Sell them to trade show vendors and Best Buy managers.

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