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November 11, 2010

DIY Home Automation using a Cheap Router

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Looking for a DIY solution to do Home Automation on a budget? Have a look at this Home Automation system that uses a cheap router to interface your in home items with the outside world using your network. Of course by outside world this includes you using your cell phone while sitting on the couch to turn on the porch light for your wife who is coming home with the groceries. Now of course there are the more conventional Home Automation Systems that you can just buy and use but where is the fun in that. Plus if you want to add some new functionality guess what, there is no way to do it…

“This project is based on SmartLinc.

• OpenWRT compatible router, with serial header
• AVR microcontroller Development Board (like Arduino)
• Actuators like: RF switched outlets (433.92Mhz) with a remote”


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2 Responses to “DIY Home Automation using a Cheap Router”

  1. Whatnot Says:

    Here’s an idea:
    Since most routers have LED’s that can also be programmed on and off you could also hack a serial protocol with a simple photodiode and those LED’s.
    You could even do that without opening the router.

  2. Ken Serig Says:

    DIY, if you have a moment I would like to discuss something with you please. My mobile number is 786-307-5362. Thank you in advance.

    Ken Serig

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