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November 6, 2010

Inside the Microsoft Kinect

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iFixit has cracked open a Microsoft Kinect and wow is there a ton of technology packed in there. This sensor bar is the total opposite of the Wii Sensor Bar which has virtually no tech in it. After seeing what makes the Kinect tick I totally understand why Adafruit Industries has offered a $2000 bounty for the first person to write some open source drivers for the Kinect. I have a feeling that it will drive a ton of crazy applications just like when Glove Pie was released for the Wiimote.


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2 Responses to “Inside the Microsoft Kinect”

  1. Whatnot Says:

    Why do they keep using the term “IR-transmitter” when by now it’s clear it’s a IR laser right? I mean if you see the nightshot videos of the pattern coming out of it then that seems rather obvious since there’s no way you do that with a simple LED.
    And once you acknowledge it’s a laser then you have to ask what’s the output power?’ and ‘why is there no legally mandated laser warning on the thing?’ or is there?

    I’m also surprised they didn’t use the term worm gear when discussing the tilt assembly

  2. Kinect Cracked and used for Laser Tracking - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] have seen what the inside of a Kinect looks like, now we can interface to the cool box if electronic bits.  Hector Martin apparently […]

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