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October 31, 2010

Mr. T Flying Halloween Ghost

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Wow, check out this cool Mr. T Flying Halloween Ghost. This contraption is guaranteed to put the scare into some kids in your neighborhood! Have a close look at the ghost above, those aren’t fancy shoulder pads, those are helicopter blades. With a bit of electronic magic this ghost can fly through the sky. 🙂

Thanks Michael.

“Mr. T is a built on a very simple aluminum frame. There are two Turnigy motors driving counter rotating propellers, that are able to move forward and back under the control of some old servos. The motors are powered by a pair of Turnigy Plush 18amp speed controllers. The KKMulticontroller (I ordered the PCB from them, soldered on the components and programmed the microcontroller with a SparkFun USBtiny.) sits in the middle between the props, while the battery hangs below. It’s important to balance the craft properly so it will fly straight (or straightish in this case.) That wire on the top is just to give the head its shape.”


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5 Responses to “Mr. T Flying Halloween Ghost”

  1. Kozz Says:

    It must be said: “I pity the ghoul!”

  2. NatureTM Says:

    I like the mechanical simplicity. If I were to build something that flies, I think I’d have to base it on this project. I’m glad I saw this. Now I’m thinking about gutting my Blade CX2 electric helicopter, but I’d hate to break something that works to build something that would be such an experiment for me.

  3. Florian Says:

    Wow! Wonderful project, probably both the simpliest, and the best prop i’ve seen =)
    Let’s dream 😉

  4. ruz Says:

    That is definitely a cool Halloween project! It will surely amuse kids and adults too. my nieces are already used to those Halloween displays that don’t move. Their eyes will roll if they see one of those. That will be a great hit!

  5. Quadcopter Thanksgiving Pie Drop - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] Holiday by making a Turkey Quadcopter that can drop Pies!  These are the same guys that made the Flying Mr T that we saw a few months […]

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