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October 16, 2010

Crazy Racing Simulator by Motion Sim

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I’m not much of a gamer but I think this Racing Simulator by Motion Sim could cure me! Have a look at the first video below to get an idea of what this system can do. The company that makes it is actually in the industrial automation business so they clearly have a good handle on what is needed to fling around the 300KG that the system is rated to handle.

“The full motion platform was created on the bases of the development for the 737NG project www.737ng.cz Its development took almost 2 years to reach the pre-serial production stage. A series of problems had to be solved throughout the development. The particular realization of the projects itself is quite a unique solution with regard to the components used and their connections. This would justify a separate article alone. Nonetheless, a big problem was to find a solution that would facilitate clean and quiet operation and also provide adequate load carrying capability and motion dynamics. After a line of experiments, a concept using non-synchronous motors and cogged belt gearing was used. It was necessary to work out a way to use these electromotors as servo drivers, especially at low RPM settings. In the end, a solution was found using intelligent converters and a specially designed control system. The result is an almost noiseless, compact platform which is able to operate without any special requirements.”