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October 14, 2010

Mobile Phone controlled Plant Growbox

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If you love growing plants and wish you could check out what’s happening when you are on the move take a look at this Mobile Phone controlled Plant Growbox that The Cheap Vegetable Gardener has put together. It has the ability to remotely monitor your plants and adjust the environment you are providing for them on the fly. You probably remember the DIY soil moisture sensor and the LED plant grow box that we featured here before, they were also created by The Cheap Vegetable Gardener.

“I made the design for this pretty simple, unfortunately I could not connect with my growbox directly using a mobile device because the computer is behind a firewall (which is a good thing) so I used machine that both the mobile phone and growbox can contact…cheapvegetablegardener.com.  After creating a quick web service with the following methods the growbox and mobile device could now talk to each other:

  • SetStatus(StatusInfo) – GrowBox sets this status every minute
  • SetOverride(OverrideInfo) – Mobile sets override to default functionality
  • GetStatus() – Mobile Phone gets status
  • GetOverride() – GrowBox checks for potential overrides requested by Mobile device”


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One Response to “Mobile Phone controlled Plant Growbox”

  1. Andrew Cooper Says:

    If current California legislation passes, I see a few more builds of this project happening!

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