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October 11, 2010

Wall-e build by the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

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Steve Doubek is a Prototype and Design program instructor at the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. Have a look at the video for a tour of the dream shop where the Wall-e robots were built. The two robots were part of a 9 month build where the 14 students were split into two groups and each had full creative control over their robot, that’s why the two robots turned out quite different. In the videos Steve also goes over in great detail some of the material choices and electronics that go into making these cool robots. One design choice that I found a bit strange is the way they are triggering the Wall-e sounds, a servo is used to press a button on a Replica Prop Sound Board, I haven’t played with radio remote control systems so I am thinking that the typical system doesn’t have digital outputs that are simple to use.

UPDATE – Thanks to Steve for supplying a ton of build pictures, some have been added below but for the full picture set have a look here.

If I were in Wisconsin and starting a career this program would have been high up on the list, I don’t think going to class would have ever felt like a chore. I look forward to seeing other projects that are sure to come out of this great class. If you need to see more Wall-e Robots have a look at the Wall-e Robot Builds that we featured last year.