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October 9, 2010

State of Electronics Documentary

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The State of Electronics Documentary will be out soon. Have a look at the trailer for now.

Thanks for the tip Dave.

“After several months of researching, interviewing and filming, I’m excited to present the first public Trailer to my new Documentary “State of Electronics” – A discussion on the Electronics Industry in Australia. Even though the documentary is focused on Australian Electronics Design and Manufacture, much of it applies to all countries from around the world.”


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3 Responses to “State of Electronics Documentary”

  1. roy Says:

    If your wondering: that small pocket scoop is de DSO Nano 🙂 (Grabed my attention)

  2. peter Says:

    hi guys; Great Blog,

    Here in the UK we have the same problem, and the result is that the subject of electronics is’nt even regarded as a high priority skills-set by such as the main Govt employment agency [DWP-Jobcenterplus]. Instead, tens of thousands of highly skilled electronics designers, Engineers & Technicians – not to mention highly skilled people from the former Aviation & Railway Engineering industries – are forced into occupations that are designated as unskilled-NMW (National Minimum Waged); Occopations which lack any real prospect’s whatsoever; The additional obsurdity being that the UK now has to rely on migrant contract workers to fill in the high-tech skills defecit’s that have been generated in the UK by failled policies & short term Corporate vested interest’s that were so eager to [Out-Source] everything to the east, regardless of the socio-eccononmic consequences thereof; Sadly, burger bars & supermarkets is all that is left for those who once worked in all areas of high tecnonogy & innovation.

    Down-grading education, Training & Develpoment here in the UK – has become an industry in its own right: A perfect example thereof recently came to light within a Govt Approved national corriculum textbook concerning Electronics & Engineering technology project based coursework as aimed at UK high-School & City academy institutions, wherein (the textbook), it is manifestly evident that the contents thereof reflect actual Govt Policy & interference with the education of young people and to the degree that is exempliffied within that actual textbook:-

    Speciffically, on the subject of [HIGH POWER] AUDIO AMPLIFFICATION for example, the textbook does clearly show images of large PA-Amplifires of the kind that is manufactured by [Marshal] (Well loved by most of the worlds top rock guitarists). However, the textbook then goes on to describe the alleged schematic diagram of this type of amplifire, and in such manner as to misguide the student into actually believing that the given diagram is infact relating to the very PA equipment as used on stage by musicians: What is actually printed as an actual schematic diagram is a [Single Stage}, {Two Resistor}, generic Class-A Biased Transistor stage/Pre-Amp Device with two coupling capacitors, and that’s it! … Students are thus fooled into the assumption that the said GCSC Qualification project based coursework demonstrates full technical competency to any prospective employer, whether in the UK or Abroad, that the unfortunate student is infact thus trained & educated inough to be able to design and build actual Audio Power Amplifire’s using just five electronic components per channel, excluding PSU ovcourse!

    This is a prime example of how our bent national corriculum is put together thesedays, and by civil servants who know nothing whatsoever about electrinics & applied technology, appart from basic information gleened from a semiconductor applications sheet for example concerning single stage basic Transistor Configurations running at TTL voltages; This is disgraceful!
    But the true reallity thereof, is the hiddious reallisation that UK civil servants are acting under the directive/s of Gov’t cabinette Ministers who have been undermining education in the UK as a matter of ideologically driven policies for many years unfotunateley. Moreover we see the same evil policies curently ongoing in places of further & Higher Education, Training & Development in the USA for example – Especially within designated areas targeted by [AGENDA-21] Directives concerning so-called [“Smart-Growth”] [“Human-Settlements”] [“Multi-Agency SUSTAINABLE Partnership & Regeneration & ENABLING DEVELOPMENT stakeholder groupe”] type subversive ideologically drivrn elements, and all underpinned and/or enforced by tons of lunatic inspired regulations intended to full ill effect’s in terms of true socio-ecconomic & human cost’s, whereby nations such as the UK & USA are intentionally subject to what is in effect a program of [Skills-Depletion] Policies, as orchestrated by way of Policies reflective of both certain National & Globalistic vested corporate & ideological interests.

    Kind Regards

    Peter from the UK

  3. Joseph Pradeep Says:

    Hi Guys,
    Have been waiting madly for this documentary.. When does this come…

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