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October 3, 2010

Wooden Quadrocopter

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We have seen some amazing Quadrocopters in the past but this Wooden Quadrocopter adds the emphasis on the Quadcopter  body and structure. There are no less than four types of wood that have been machined into this incredible machine. The parts were designed based on an older kit and redesigned to be made from wood, the alien detail in the top dome is very well done. If you want to make your own the CAD files have been made available.

“The inlay of the alien head was cut into the dome first. I used my CNC machine. Then after the alien head was cut I just filled it with some 5 minute epoxy. I had to tape off the other parts of the dome as I did not want the epoxy to leak through. I colored the epoxy with some acrylic paint. After it dried for 24 hours, I sanded it smooth and cut the holes around the outer edge. Then a couple of coats of lacquer and buffed with some floor wax. I think it turned out rather well!”


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