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September 12, 2010

Analog LED Clock

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Wellyb00t has built a cool Analog LED Clock based on a PIC 16f877 microcontroller. Given the complexity of the hand wiring the spiderweb of connections on the back of the board is beautiful. You can see more pictures including the schematic here.

“*12 Dimly lit leds on outer ring showing clock outline.
*LED test on powerup
*16F877 PIC Microcontroller @ 20MHz
*DS1307 Real Time Clock for timekeeping
*169 x 700mcd diffused white led matrix
*Size 610mm x 610mm”


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15 Responses to “Analog LED Clock”

  1. John Boxall Says:

    Beuatiful, I love clocks. That would be something you could sell. 🙂

  2. The voice in your head Says:

    I’d buy two, and hang them beside eachother; one backward so I can admire the wiring.

  3. led Says:


  4. Ahmad electron Says:

    So Beuatiful,i have never been see like this,fantastic

  5. wellyb00t Says:

    Thanks for the comments, I have now an updated version on youtube.

  6. jo Says:

    I am an absolute noob.
    I am wondering: is it possible to do this without knowing anything about microcontroller?
    I just love this!

  7. Edsel Says:

    I saw your HD led clock article and now this great job, I wonder if you could give me the source codes so I can build it.

  8. daras Says:

    I wonder if you could give me the source codes so I can build it.

  9. wellyb00t Says:

    Have now released version (v2.2) HEX code, circuit diagram & build pictures, link can be found with videos on youtube.

    or here:


    currently im still working on v3, i have reduced the flicker further.

  10. ajay Says:

    Hi sir your clock looks nice
    can i have hex code of this clock

  11. Alan Parekh Says:

    The hex can be found here.

  12. ajay singh Says:

    thank you sir for your response.

  13. Dimitrios Daras Says:

    thank you sir for your HEX v2,2
    I wait for publication v3

  14. nasima Says:

    released version (v2.2) HEX code, circuit diagram
    please sir

  15. ali Says:

    Hi,can you,please provide the c code as well, if you still have it? I want to do a similar thing, but with less LED circles.
    Thank you!

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