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September 11, 2010

iPod Nano 6th Generation Taken Apart

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The guys over at iFixit have taken apart the tiny new iPod Nano 6th Generation iPod. Not sure I like the way the new 6th Generation iPod Nano has gone, the form factor has shrunk tremendously and because of this there are lots of features that are now missing, most notably is the camera. The coolest thing about the new Nano is that it has a touch screen though. I have yet to get my hands on one though so I will hold my comments on the tiny screen but I am thinking it will be too small to be useful.


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6 Responses to “iPod Nano 6th Generation Taken Apart”

  1. Andrew Cooper Says:

    Touch screen = cool? Maybe, but I find I operate my 5th Gen Nano by touch, without looking, almost all of the time. Without the tactile wheel this could become almost impossible.

  2. shilah Says:

    Hi, have you got to test the 6th gen ipod nano yet?
    ANy downsides? coz I’m actually looking to purchase one at the end of year..

    Feedback will be much appreciated!

  3. bec Says:

    well i have the new ipod nano 6th generation you would think that it would be awkward to use because of how tiny the screen but its really not. its fantastic and im loving it.

  4. fatima Says:

    i have the 6th gen and its actually amazing! the small touch screen is perfect

  5. Jesper Says:

    Can anybody tell me who is producing the display for the 6G ipod nano or mayby where I can find any specification on the interface to the display. ?

  6. Roman Says:

    I join Jesper – thinking of using the display in number of wearable applications and board games. need either name of manufacturer or interface details.

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