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September 6, 2010

IR Jammer Review

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John Boxall of Tronixstuff is known for his electronic kit reviews, he recently did a hands on build review of our IR Jammer Kit. You have to love his Fluke meter, if you haven’t seen one of these before you might think it’s a meter the size of a display but it’s actually a normal sized meter with a removable display. This would allow the display be placed in a convenient location to view it while the meter and probes are deep inside the system being inspected. The picture below is a shot of the IR LEDs all on, I think this was probably hard to capture since they are flashing very quickly. Of course the infrared LEDs are invisible to our naked eye but this shows a trick to see them which is to view them through a camera.

As John mentions the IR Jammer (infrared jammer) would make a great companion to the TV-B-Gone, his evil plan is to turn off a TV, then jam the TV so that it can’t be turned on. I am thinking that would make for a nice cruel joke. 🙂

Get your IR Jammer Here.



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10 Responses to “IR Jammer Review”

  1. Scott Says:

    I still have no idea what this project is because I can’t get past the $300 DMM cut in half. 😮

  2. Scott Says:

    OK, I guess if I read the post and checked the link it would have made sense. Now I can read what the project is about. 😉

  3. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hey Scott,

    Yea those meters look very cool!

  4. John Boxall Says:

    Thanks for reposting my review. Yes, that meter is great – I love it. You can put the meter with a thermocouple in the freezer, and leave the display on the door (it’s magnetic). I showed it to my friend who is an auto electrician, and had trouble prying it out of her hands.
    With regards to the photo of the IR jammer LEDs – CCD digital cameras can pick up infra-red, whereas the naked eye can not. That’s why when you tale a photo with a digital camera (as above) the LEDs appear to be brightly on – they are, but on the infra-red wavelength.

    This is also the theory behind illumination systems for digital security cameras – if you can look closely at one you may see a ring of LEDs around the lens, they are the IR illuminators. If you really want to get up to some mischief, get a hat or something similar, surround the facial area with IR leds being PWM’d at a high duty cycle, then go for a walk in a shopping centre/mall. You should have security on you in about four minutes.

    Anyhow, have fun and enjoy this blog, I do very much (oh, and mine!)

  5. cantormath Says:

    should make one of these for RFIDs, FM radio and garage doors.

  6. gdogg Says:

    You could just reprogram the PIC to turn it into a TV-B-Gone, No?

    confused as to why the schematic is different than the tv-b-gone.

  7. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi gdogg,

    Yes the unit could send out IR codes like the TV-B-Gone, not sure if there would be enough storage on the PIC to hold all the codes though. The design is different since they were made by two different people.

  8. satish Says:

    what is the program for PIC12F675???
    please send me the program for IR JAMMER PIC12F675 on my e-mail address (vikraalyadav@gmail.com).

  9. Alan Parekh Says:

    You can get it here.

  10. satish Says:

    but sir I want .c file, and this is hex code…Please help me…

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