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September 4, 2010

MSP430 Based Meter Clock

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You all know I have a thing for meter clocks. Instructables user Doug Paradis built this one around the MSP430 microcontroller platform, check out the cool variety of meters that he is using! I love the big clunky looking Simpson meter that is being used for the hours. Doug got his inspiration from the ShareBrained clock.

Via: Hack a Day

“It has 3 push buttons, two of which allow you to adjust the minutes and hours. Pushing the minute or hour buttons will increment the minute or hour values by one. The third button is a reset button. Analog panel meters have¬†inherent nonlinearities, especially cheap or old meters with wear and dirt. We also add nonlinearities to the meter by driving them using PWM (pulse width modulation) and by our homemade meter scales. The c program for this project handles this by providing 2 arrays that are used to individually tune the meter readings.”