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September 1, 2010

Dune Bug E – Dune Buggy Electric Conversion Part 6

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Frank has completed the next phase in the Dune Bug E Build, we saw the last build update back in May. It is interesting to see what is involved in making a normal differential into a locked differential, this process allows both rear wheels to always be powered with no slipping. The gearing has also been changed increasing the top speed of the vehicle.

“Since the internal gear ratios were unchanged the 22 tooth drive sprocket was upgraded to a 38 tooth unit as pictured here. This has bumped the top speed on level ground to approx 35Km/hr, though the chain noise is considerably louder.

Basic stats and generalizations – the Bug-E can cover 8 to 12Km from the Parallel combined battery banks, with a flat ground top speed of approx 35Km/hr, factors that affect range are Solo or Passenger driving, terrain, aggressiveness of driving.”